• Split systems are ideal for air conditioning one room or area. Discreet wall-mounted with an external
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  • Ducted Air conditioning provides climate controlled comfort throughout your entire home.   The major benifits of
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  • Evaporative cooling is a totally natural process filling your home with 100% fresh air – there couldn’t
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Aircon Installation

At Richmond Air we understand that the airconditioning requirements of each home or business are different. It is for this reason that we offer a tailored and personalised service - from your initial quote to the installation and beyond.   

Richmond Air spend time with you discussing your airconditioning requirements for now and into the future.  From this we are then able to design a customised solution that will keep you comfortable in the Hottest City on Earth, Adelaide.   

 Whether you require a new system, or the updating of an existing system, we can help. Contact Michael Richmond to discuss your specific needs further.

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