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AirTouch4 - Richmond Air

Here at Richmond Air, we are proud to bring our clients the new standard in smart air conditioning.

Introducing AirTouch4. This system takes home air conditioning to an entirely new level in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

Comprising of a fully integrated control for multiple air conditioning units as well as up to 16 units in your home. The AirTouch 4 from Polyaire allows you to access and control your home air conditioner anytime and anywhere using your smartphone or tablet – providing you with the ultimate control!

Experience intelligence without wastage, with the ability to adjust the airflow around your home at 5% increments, saving you money on your quarterly power bill, without compromising on your comfort with the use of the systems Smart Zoning

AirTouch 4 Goes Further!

Polyaire understands that not every home is designed equal; neither is every room. With the optional Individual Temperature Control Technology, AirTouch monitors the temperature and smartly adjusts the airflow as required around your home. Whenever rooms get too hot or cold, Airtouch will work to maintain your desired temperature, without wasting conditioned air and electricity in rooms that are already at your optimum comfort level.

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