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AirTouch 5 Smart Air Conditioning Controller

Automatic Energy Savings and more from your Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning.

Experience more comfort. Enjoy more control. Save energy running your air conditioning. AirTouch knows how to keep everyone comfortable just the way they want.

We can install AirTouch 5, the 5th generation of AirTouch smart controllers with a stunning new design and a range of industry first features to help you monitor and save energy air conditioning your home.

With AirTouch, artificial intelligence helps manage temperatures and airflow for each room in your home, and can adjust your air conditioning with the weather for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart Air Conditioning designed for Australian Homes

Not all smart air control systems are created equal: Many are designed without taking into consideration the diverse and very changeable Australian climate. AirTouch is designed in Australia to offer Australian homes optimum comfort, and to enhance the energy efficiency of their air conditioning all year round.

Now, you can truly live in comfort and save energy, without having to think about it.

The Power of Zoning

You wouldn’t have 1 light switch for the entire house…so why make the air conditioning any different?

Save Energy, Save Money

Built in smarts to help manage energy savings for you. See when you used your air conditioning more than you needed to, or learn what rooms get used the most.

Weather Adaption – Air conditioning that Adapts to the Weather

Reduce energy consumption with your air conditioning depending on the weather.

Intelligent & Without Wastage

With Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology, AirTouch tracks and manages temperatures throughout your home, instead of just 1 location.

Add more sensors so you can enjoy:

More Savings

AirTouch sends conditioned air only to where it is needed.

More Comfort

AirTouch is able to identify unwanted hot or cold spots and respond.

More Control for Everyone

Now, everyone can set their favourite temperature for their space at home. ITS also adds an extra switch for the air conditioning in each room.

Home Comfort Looks Great, with A Style to suit your House.

Choose the AirTouch 5 Theme to match your home.

App Control From Anywhere

AirTouch 5 includes an all new advanced app to ensure you have access to your comfort, wherever you are.



Don’t worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioning and wasting energy when you leave home.

Temperature Alerts

You won’t have to come home to an oven in summer or a freezer in winter again with home temperature alerts to your phone.

Fast & Easy to Control


Keeping it Simple

Set a Quick Timer or setup your air conditioning for the season or each day of the week.


Sleep & Away Modes

Sleep and Away let you save energy overnight or while you are away. Make sure you don’t waste it while no one is home while still maintaining a comfortable house.

Make Home Comfort Simply Smart

Interact with your home in a way that suits you.

Smart phone app, wall console, switch or voice control. However you choose to control your smart home, AirTouch will respond.

Trust AirTouch to be the hub for your smart home and lifestyle devices to do everything you need from one place. Setup a shared calendar, go shopping, manage your solar power, order food, update your music playlists, or check the security cameras with their apps via the Favourites list and Android.


Why not add a Video Doorbell?

Use with a video doorbell or video conference: Have 2 way video conversations with the built in camera that includes a privacy cover.


Add Zimi and have a Lightbulb Moment

Smart Control for Everywhere in your Home: Zimi is easily expandable

Start with just a few components, add more as needed or get total convenience with a complete ecosystem.

Behaviour Link…Your Favourite Control

You can very simply and easily link Zimi devices to experience more with your favourite smart home accessories for lighting, appliances and more.

Never Forget to turn it Off

With Timers & Schedules pre-set a timer to turn it on or off automatically.

Switch Anything

Switch your outdoor lights on from inside. Great for garden or pool lighting.

Heated Towels at 6am

Schedule your switches with Zimi.